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Facebook Business Page & Ad Management

Lowest Cost Per Thousand

Facebook is the most effective tool today when it comes to attracting new customers and keeping repeat customers interested. No other medium on earth reaches as many "qualified" potential customers at such a low cost per thousand.

No Waste - Most Cost Effective

"Qualified" means that your posts only reach people in your selected zip codes and age demographic who have shown behaviors and interests that match your company's service or product. This is something you can't achieve with traditional media which forces you to spend money on people with other habits and interests.


Too Important to Delegate

Some business owners try to maintain their company's Facebook page but more often than not are far too busy to give it the time and attention it deserves, and ultimately delegate its maintenance to an employee with little or no marketing background who have other pressing responsibilities.


Facebook is Pro-Active

Your company's Facebook page reaches out to your customers and potential customers drawing them to your business and to your website. Your Facebook page should feature scheduled posts with call-to-action messages, informative data and images related to your business or customer base.


Several goals involved in your Facebook page management include:

· Attracting and obtaining "likes" (people who will see your posts*)

· Redirecting people from Facebook to your website via a link (click)

· Redirecting people to Facebook from your website via linkage.

· Submitting informational posts twice a week

· Boosting "call to action posts" by paying money to reach:

  1. Only those who have liked your page

  2. Only people who haven't yet liked your page

  3. People in any zip code around the world

  4. People who have shown interest in your service or product already


Set Your Own Budget

Generally only about 2% of the people who "like" your page will see your free posts due to Facebook having changed its algorithm a few years ago. Now you have to pay to reach the same people who you used to reach at no cost, however, the cost to reach these people is so low that it's affordable to any small business. You can spend as little as a dollar a day reaching any geographic area around the globe and target more qualified potential customers and repeat customers than you can with any other medium.


Take Advantage Now

Like everything else good in life, great opportunities don't last forever. The majority of business owners remain oblivious to the power of Facebook and its tremendous effectiveness and low cost. Call me now and I will manage your Facebook page for a low monthly cost and introduce new customers weekly.

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