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Print Media

Is it still relevant?

Due to the internet, IPhones, Kindle, Ipad, etc., print media is becoming less and less popular - in certain areas, however, daily newspaper circulation is still strong and lifestyle magazines still sell.










Not all the same

The important thing is to know which is a better fit for your business. Real estate, home goods, furniture, art, antiques and other high end products and services do well and actually need four color ads to honor their products, however, many other businesses waste thousands of dollars in magazines when they should be using daily newspaper or radio.


Is it the right medium for your business?

Print advertising is about grabbing the viewer's attention, number one. Secondly, it is about keeping their attention once you've grabbed it. In black & white advertising, 'price and item' works best. If you need to tell a story, print is not the answer.


Size matters

Print media is still relevant today but it's a waste of money to advertise with a small ad no one will notice among the competition. Small ads that are simple, bold and to the point with enough white space can be somewhat successful, but in print, the bigger the better.


Yesterday's paper is tomorrow's...

So make it work! I've been in the print business helping business owners for years, first representing various print media and then representing Bassett Marketing. Designing cost effective print ads is second nature and a pleasure for me.

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