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Radio. The perfect place to tell your story.


The cost-effectiveness of radio ranges from region to region based on population. Radio stations charge by the estimated amount of listeners. The higher the population, the more you'll pay to run a commercial, so if you own one restaurant in a big city with high population you're out of luck because it would be cost prohibitive.



















Who is it for?

If, however, you own a chain of restaurants, located in various areas around one big city, then it would make a lot of sense to advertise on radio as the commercials will benefit all of the locations.


Or, in smaller isolated radio markets, small businesses can afford to invest in radio advertising and do extremely well with it.


Expect Great Results

Radio allows you to grab the ear of the listener and keep their attention. Radio commercials allow you sixty seconds to 'tell a story' and if kept interesting, and if well produced, your commercial can change your business from fair to successful.


Along with print, I've worked with the broadcast industry first as a marketing executive, helping businesses attract new customers, and eventually as Bassett Marketing & Promotions.


I pride myself in my effective copy writing expertise and quality of production.


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